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New Yorkers Are Proud; Argentinians Are Humble


There is a joke in Argentina—New Yorkers are proud while Argentinians are humble. This is because while New Yorkers are always looking up, presumably at the buildings surrounding them, Argentinians are always looking down.  Why?

Pardon my crassness, but no discussion of Argentina can be complete without bringing the dog poop that is firmly entrenched as sidewalk decor all over the capital, as well as Argentina’s other cities.  So, if you want to be Porteño for a day, it’s okay to dream big, but keep your head down! I don’t post this to be, umm, foul…just conveying a fact of daily life in the streets (and sidewalks) of this canine-friendly place.

See some of the different styles below…I just wonder, are these pups the culprits?

Dog in BA

Buenos Aires Dog 2


“So Small Could Fool You…”

Buenos Aires Sidewalk Poop 1


“Fresh Brew…”

Buenos Aires Sidewalk Poo 2


“Lump Sum…”

Buenos Aires Sidewalk Poo 3


“Spacey Special…”

Buenos Aires Sidewalk Poo 4


“Dragged Out…”

Buenos Aires Sidewalk Poo 5


And last, but certainly not least (disgusting), the “Already on My Floor at Home…”

Buenos Aires Sidewalk Poo 6