Tips to Make the Most of Your La Tomatina


In a previous post, we introduced one of our very favorite street festivals in the world—La Tomatina. If that article whet your appetite, then you are surely excited today, as the date of the next rendition is fast approaching–next Wednesday (the 28th) to be exact. We’ve complied a checklist of things you can do to make sure you make the most of La Tomatina.

  1. Don’t wear your Prada suit: Yes, your clothes will be destroyed. Dress accordingly.
  2. Do bring an extra shirt (unless you were lucky enough to find a  place in ____,): They won’t let you back on the train without one, and your original shirt is probably destroyed by that point.
  3. Don’t wear flip flops: Your feet will be stomped on, stepped on, and not to mention, slippery. Spring for some cheap shoes or wear a pair you don’t mind throwing away.
  4. Do take advantage of the generous locals offering a cold shower from their garden hoses before you head back to the train.
  5. Don’t bring anything valuable—jewelry, hats, glasses, keys, cell phones, etc. You’ll either lose it or it will be spitting tomato guts for months to come.
  6. Do put your money and (if applicable) return train ticket in a plastic bag, if you ever hop to use it again—or just carry lots of coins.
  7. Don’t throw any tomatoes before you squash them: The idea is to laugh, get messy, and have a jolly old time—not to break some poor girl’s nose.
  8. Do be careful with the lorries going through the village: See Point #7.
  9. Don’t throw anything else besides tomatoes: See Point #7.
  10. Do bring a waterproof camera: If you actually expect your friends at home to believe how much fun you had, this is an essential!