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IDbangkok: A Night At the Cinema


So you want to see the latest blockbuster. You’ve read the reviews, watched the previews, and stood in line early to get tickets to the opening show. Showtime as arrived, and you’re ready to go…but you better pay homage to the King, first!

That’s right. Before the film begins, there’s a video tribute to the Thai King, during which everyone in the audience is required to stand up and pay respects. I’ve seen this at sporting events before, well, national anthems anyway, but at recorded films? It was truly unique and interesting. The video itself features some “highlights” of the King spreading his good cheer, with a love song-style soundtrack in the background

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Rama IX, however (and you better be, as making fun of the King can land you in prison), nobody can complain about the cost of moviegoing. A prime time show in a prime time theatre will only set you back about 4 USD. That leaves plenty for popcorn!