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IDmelbourne: The World’s Biggest Lollie Shop


I’ve always thought Australians sucked….and guess what I saw as verification on the bus to Melbourne Airport the other day? Why, you guessed it!  The Biggest Lollie Shop in the World!  (Yes, they call them “lollies” and no, I don’t actually think Australians suck—it was a joke, folks!).


Biggest Lollie Shop in the World!


This is surely one of the more unique shops I’ve ever tripped across, though…and a wonderful reason to visit the great, quirky, fun city of  Melbourne! (Actually, it’s located in the suburb of Tullamarine, but who’s counting?)

The shop itself, as you may be able to imagine, is basically a mecca of all types of candy, featuring a huge variety of lollies, chocolates, and other sugary sensations. A full kilo of lollies will set you back about $5 AUD, at least if you’re willing to settle for the house brand. Don’t forget to check out the chocolate covered fruits and candies, as well as the ample selection of party favors!


Biggest Lollie Shop in the World 2