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English Gastropubs: The Way to Eat in England


English Gastropubs

Nobody can say they’ve truly experienced England until they’ve visited a local pub. With catchy names like Firkin & Fox or The Little Driver, you’re bound to be enchanted with the elaborate décor, quirky menu and the general way they operate.

First, there is rarely waiter service. While people order drinks at the bar in most of the world, here in England you also will request a menu and place your food order at the bar, and pay up front. You’re handed a number, and minutes later your entrees are brought straight out to your table. No tipping necessary.

Secondly, you may be surprised to see not only beer, but even wine on tap. At least in some places.

Next, you have to get with the lingo. Weekends often feature a Roast, which is (as you may guess) some massive portion of roasted meet only available on those days. “Bangers and Mash” means simply sausage with mashed potatoes. “Bubble and Squeak” is basically the veggies that happen to be leftover from the weekend Roast, and “Pudding” can stand for just about anything that they couldn’t come up with a more fitting name for (so don’t be alarmed if what is called pudding is actually more like bread).

Finally, perhaps the most surprising thing about British Pub food is the cost. In America, fast food tends to be the cheapest option if you’re looking to eat on a budget. In the UK, however, it is common to find pub specials with two meals for £8 (or thereabouts), which include a drink (maybe it will be £10 with alcoholic drinks). It’s also regular to see deals like “burger and a pint” for £4 or £5. In comparison, you’ll likely pay more eating at Burger King, making pub food all the more essential to daily life here.

English Gastropubs

English Gastropubs