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Crotchless Panties…for Babies?


Nothing is cuter than a baby’s butt, right? I’m not sure that I’d agree with that statement, but in China, it has become a popular trend to show them off.

See, it is not uncommon here to see babies essentially being potty trained out in public, on the street…anywhere that’s convenient! To make it easy, the pants now are basically designed without a butt! Perhaps you’ve seen crotchless panties for a special woman—something to spice up a romantic evening. Well, these are essentially the same thing, but for babies, and to facilitate them doing their business!

Baby Pants in China

A common sights on China’s streets these days

On a recent visit to Shanghai, I was at a hypermarket and saw a Mother holding her baby while the Father was playing with him on the escalator. The baby suddenly started peeing—half into the edge of his pants, a few sprinkles onto the escalator—no worries. The parents exchanged a quick glance, proud of their little one….and then put the baby back into his trolley (which was a shared-use trolley for the hypermarket) as though nothing had happened. Mind you, the baby’s bare behind, and still-trickling-with-pee front side were touching the seat…but again, nothing to worry about. Just hope you don’t choose that trolley next!

China Baby Pants 2

Get used to this sight!

This is one of the more memorable surprising things I’ve seen in China, but spend enough time here and nothing along these lines will surprise you after awhile.