It’s easy to bully online, but let’s get to the facts…


If you’re reading this, you probably have seen a slanderous blog or fake Instagram account attempting to smear my character. Although those who actually know me know know they aren’t truthful (because “anonymous” comments are the worst possible sources of information), I’m tired of addressing it. So I will write an account to actually clarify the truth. I should have posted this a few years ago, but I basically ignored it as one would an annoying gnat. However, as it recently caused a problem for someone important to me, I want to make sure that never happens again and get the facts out there.

  1. I take responsibility for at times in the past being unclear with my dating intentions. After some previous painful experiences, I had a period in which I was unclear and vague about what I wanted, which was immature of me and which I have learned from. Immature, yes. “Monster?” Umm, no.  
  2. What you’ve read in the blog and/or comments is one-sided and full of “anonymous” sources. When actual facts that poke holes in the “story” are presented, they are not accepted by the blogger. So you’ve read an echo chamber of exaggerations written by mostly the same person that build upon each other, and yes, you got fooled to believe it. If you were to see the wider blog as a whole, you would recognize it as a TMZ-like gossip blog addressing a dramatic teenage audience in search of click-bait.
  3. ALL (three) women who have commented or contributed to that blog are people I had very little, or inconsistent, communication with. I met the original blogger one single time, for one day. The other two I had limited contact with, no phone conversations, etc. No relationship was ever discussed and I distanced myself once I saw we had no compatibility. Once I realized they felt mislead, I also apologized and tried to clear the air with them directly.
  4. These women were involved with other men at the time I knew them, which is a key piece of information conveniently left out. The original blogger had a boyfriend at the time who contacted me via Facebook the day after I met her. The others texted me about the other guys they were sleeping with during the time we were in contact. I have screen shots to prove all of this, which I am not posting here out of respect for them. As such, I have a real problem with being demonized for casually dating when these women were doing the same. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.
  5. The original blogger also reached out to me via Facebook as recently as February 28, 2017. When I met her, and when she wrote the original post, was 2015. If I was such a “monster” as she had claimed, she would have no further interest in reaching out to me two years later. I also have screen shots to prove this.
  6. As such, the (three) women represented on this blog had NO reason to either take anything seriously, to be hurt by me, or to point fingers. They “found” each other and collaborated to use me as an easy scapegoat to blame for whatever other problems they have in relationships or in general.
  7. Without question, in previous years I was in a selfish state of mind regarding relationships (in large part due to this angry blogger that turned me off to relationships). Regardless, I’ve learned from my experiences and know to be more mindful of the feelings of others even if I don’t feel anything myself. Being oblivious to that is what my “crime” was that caused this drama, and I’m glad I’ve learned that lesson.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for your attention and consideration. My poor communication led to the basis of these (three) women being upset, and I’ve accepted responsibility for that. But the character smear is patently untrue and of little concern to me until now (explained above).

If these (three) women continue to dwell on it and try to tarnish my name, it speaks much more about their negative disposition on life than it does about me. I have attempted to reconcile with everyone involved, apologized where necessary, and left the past behind me. 

Thanks again.