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IDportland: Saturday Market

Steven K.,

Portland, Oregon; Old Town

Welcome to Portland’s Old Town

Very rarely can one find one particular cross-section of a major city that represents the city as a whole, but the Portland Saturday Market does exactly that. Just starting its 40th season, PSM is the largest continually operating outdoors arts and crafts market in the US, and operates every Saturday and Sunday from the beginning of March through Christmas Eve (including the “Festival of the Last Minute,” in which it opens daily up through Christmas Eve).

PSM’s unique nature is not so much about what is being sold–arts and crafts fairs everywhere tend to have the same things on offer–but about who is selling them. Whether it is the flannel shirts, the thick lumberjack beards, the messenger bags, or simply the atmosphere, stroll through the 258 vendor booths and you feel 100% reassured that you’re in a city where emo music, veganism, compost and recycling are ubiquitously accepted.  There is plenty of talent too, as you may score a beautiful wall decoration, a unique homemade toy or  piece of jewelry. That depends on your style. But one thing that is universally true is that you will go home with a happy stomach. With offerings ranging from Polish to pizza and mezze to Mexican, there is truly something for everyone.

Portland's Saturday Market Action

The market welcomes young and old alike…


Just make sure you make it to the right place–along the Waterfront on the river side of Naito Parkway, since the Skidmore Market adjacent to the MAX station often cashes in on its proximity. The more “authentic” experience is a block or two east, by the river–at the “official” Portland Saturday Market!


Portland Saturday Market Sign

Every weekend, rain or shine…(March thru Christmas of course)


A Walk Back in Time: Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar


Sure, you have heard of the Dubai Mall, featuring its indoor ski resort. Or the Mall of America in Minnesota, USA, with its 800 stores and indoor amusement park.

But have you ever been shopping in a building that is more than 540 years old? Which covers 64 streets (requiring 22 entrances)? And includes more than 4000 shops?

I thought not.

But indeed, despite its majestic history, this is the place of employment of more than 25,000 Turks even today. Although it has faced growing competition in recent years from the megamalls that have been built as Istanbul continues to modernize, it still attracts more than 250,000 visitors a day–closer to 400,000 on weekends–in the market for anything from clothing to jewelry to Turkish ceramics and textiles to haircuts! There really is no limit to what you may find in here–if you give yourself enough time, that is.

One of the 22 entrances into the Grand Bazaar

One of the 22 entrances into the Grand Bazaar

Inside the Grand Bazaar

Inside the Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar in full buzz

Grand Bazaar in full buzz