Argentina’s Spiraling Inflation…


I saw a funny cartoon the other day on Discover Buenos Aires, a blog dedicated to an outsider’s view of living in the Argentine capital, which I’m sharing here. It explains what $6 would get you today in comparison with less than 10 years ago…let’s get it together, Sra. Kirchner!!

2004 con $6: Hola, dame un alfajor, un paquete de pepitas y una Coca Cola mediana.

2007 con $6: Hola, dame un alfajor y una Coca Cola chica.

2010 con $6: Hola, dame un alfajor.

2013 con $6: Hola.

(Translation below…not that it’s difficult!)

2004 with $6: Hello, give me an alfajor (a type of sweet), a pack of pumpkin seeds and a medium Coca Cola.

2007 with $6: Hello, give me an alfajor and a small Coca Cola.

2010 with $6: Hello, give me an alfajor.

2013 with $6: Hello.